Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk Solved Question Paper

Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk

Hp High Court Clerk Solved Paper 2019:

(Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk 2019 solved paper, Part – 2)

46. “Rani Ka Taal” is a part of:
a. Solan
b. Shimla
c. Kanga
d. Sirmour
47. Which Kullu ruler ruled from Naggar-
a. Uttam Pal
b. Mahi Pal
c. Sansar Chand
d. Jeet Singh
48. Shonitpur is an ancient name for –
a. Solan
b. Shimla
c. Sarahan
d. Theog
49. which Mughal ruler visited Kangra in the year 1622-
a. Sher Shah Suri
b. Shahjahan
c. Babur
d. Jahangir
50. Who is known as the founder of Himachal Pradesh-
a. Raja Virbhadra Singh
b. Prem Kumar Dhumal
c. Dr. Yashwant Parmar
d. Acharya Devvrat
51. Who is the Chief Justice of the Himachal Pradesh High Court-
a. Justice Sanjay Karol
b. Justice Dharam Chand Chaudhary
c. Justice Surya Kant
d. Justice Deepak Gupta
52. Where was the old High Court of Himachal Pradesh?
a. Gorton Castle
b. Ravenswood
c. Holy Lodge
d. Ava Lodge
53. Presently the number of sitting judges in the High Court of Himachal Pradesh are:
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 9
54. Who was the first Chief Justice of the Himachal Pradesh High Court-
a. Justice M.H. Beg
b. Justice R.S. Pathak
c. Justice T. U. Mehta
d. Justice V. D. Mishra

55. Which of the following was a female Judge in the High Court of Himachal:

a. Justice Indu Malhotra
b. Justice Kamlesh Sharma
c. Justice R. Bhanumati
d. Justice Gyan Sudha Misra
56. The Himachal Pradesh National Law University was set up in which year:
a. 2015
b. 2016
c. 2017
d. 2018
57. The Himachal Pradesh Judicial Academy is located at?
a. Mashobra, Shimla
b. Ghandal, Shimla
c. Kandhaghat, Shimla
d. Curzon House, Shimla

Hp High Court Clerk:

58. Which of the following is the present President Of the Himachal Pradesh Judicial Academy?
a. Justice Vivek Singh Thakur
b. Justice Dharam Chand Chaudhary
c. Justice Surya Kant
d. Justice Trilok Singh Chauhan
59. What is the full form of HPSLSA?
a. Himachal Pradesh Statuary Legal Services Authority
b. Himachal Pradesh Statuary Legal Serving Authority
c. Himachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority
d. Himachal Pradesh State Legal Servicing Authority
60. Who is the present Attorney General for the State Of Himachal Pradesh? a. Sh. Ashok Sharma
b. Sh. Shrawan Dogra
c. Sh. R.K. Bawa
d. Sh. M. G. Chitkara
61. Where is the Himachal Pradesh University located?
a. Observatory Hill
b. Bantony Castle
c. Summer Hill
d. Strawberry Hill
62. Which one Of the following was not cinema hall of Shimla during the British era
a. Shahi
b. Ritz
c. Regal
d. Manorville Mansion
63. Jamlamukhi Temple is located in Which district?
a. Kangra
b. Dharamshala
c. Una
d. Solan
64. Which city of Himachal is named after goddess Shoolini?
a. Sirmour
b. Solan
c. Shimla
d. Sarahan
65. What is the total strength of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly?
b. 66
c. 67
d. 68
66. In which Year did the biggest earthquake recorded took place in Kangra:
a. 2005
b. 1995
d. 1805
67. “Chini Bangla” is located at?
a. Kufri
b. Mashobra
c. Theog
d. Rampur
68. What is the approximate population of Himachal Pradesh according to 2011 census?
a. 98 Lakhs
b. 68 Lakhs
c. 78 Lakhs
d. 48 Lakhs
69. What is the sex ratio of Himachal according to 2011 census (Female per 1000 males)
a. 900
b. 950
c. 800
d. 974
70. Which city is the capital of Himachal Pradesh?
a. Solan
b. Dharamshala
c. Shimla
d. Mandi

Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk Paper Solved Question Paper:

Basic Knowledge of Computer:
71. The F2 key is used to change______ of folders.
a. Colour
b. Size
c. Name
d. Style
72. The Monitor is an
a. Input Device
b. Output Device
c. Viewing Device
d. Projecting Device
73. Which Of the following is used to Move the cursor to the beginning Of the previous word?
a. Ctrl+Left Arrow
b. Ctrl+Right Arrow
c. Ctrl+Do WII Arrow
d. Ctrl+Up+Arrow
74. Which is the biggest memory size
a. MegaByte
b. Kilo Byte
c. Giga Byte
d. TeraByte
75. The latest Windows operating system is
a. Windows 98
b. Windows Vista
c. Windows XP
d. Windows 10
76. The English keyboard layout used Widely is called
77. Which Of the following is not a Microsoft Office application
a. MS Word
b. MS One Note
c. MS Excel
d. MS Windows
78. What is the full form of IP
a. Interface Program
b. Internet Program
c. Internet Protocol
d. Interface Protocol
79. What is the full form of RAM:
a. Random Adapt Memory
b. Random Anti Memory
c. Random Access Memory
d. Random Applied Memory
80. A web address is also known as
a. ULR
b. Url
c. URN
d. UNR
81. Look at this series 7,10,8,11,9,12,……… What number should come next?
a. 7
b. 10
c. 12
d. 13
82. Look at this series: V, VIII, XI, XIV, ____, XX,……. What number should fill the blank?
a. IX
c. XV

Himachal Pradesh High COURT:

(Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk 2019 Paper)

83. Which word does NOT belong with the others?
a. Tulip
b. Rose
c. Bud
d. Lily
84. Cup is to Coffee as bowl is to
a. Dish
b. Soup
c. Spoon
d. Food
85. BCD, DED, FGH, HIH,________
a. JKJ
b. HJH
c. IJI
d. JHJ
86. Pen is to poet as needle is to
a. Thread 
b. Button
c. Sewing
d. Tailor
87. Here are some words translated from an artificial language
migenlasan means cupboard
lasanpoen means boardwalk
cuopdansa means pullman
Which word could mean “Walkway”?
a. Poenmigen
b. Cuopeisel
c. Lasandansa
d. poenforc
88. Look at this series: 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12,…….. What number should come next?
a. 7
b. 10
c. 14
d. 15
89. Introducing a boy, a girl said, “He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle” How is the boy related to the girl?
a. Brother
b. Nephew
c. Uncle
d. Son in Law
90. Introducing Sonia, Aamir says, “She is the wife of only nephew of only brother of my mother”. How Sonia is related to Aamir?
a. Wife
b. Sister
c. Sister in Law
d. Data is Inadequate
91. Rahul put his timepiece on the table in such a way that at 6 P.M. hour hand points to North. In which direction the minute hand Will point at 9.15 P.M.?
a. South-East
b. South
c. North
d. West
HP High Court Clerk:

(Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk)

92. A boy rode his bicycle Northward, then turned left and rode 1 km and again turned left and rode 2 km. He found himself 1 km west of his starting point. How far did he ride northward initially?

a. 1KM
b. 2KM
c. 3KM
d. 5KM
93 Umesh directly went from P, to Q which is 9 feet distant. Then he turns to the right and Walked 4 feet. After this he turnd to the right and walked a distance which is equal from P to Q. Finally he turned to the right and walked 3 feet. How far is he now from P?
a. 6 feet
b. 5 feet
c. 1 feet
d. 0 feet
94. List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting
a. Schedule
b. Timetable
c. Agenda
d. Plan
95. Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous
a. Evade
b. Evacuate
c. Avoid
d. Exterminate
96. A drawing on transparent paper
a. Red Print
b. Blue Print
c. Negative
d. Transparency
97. The opposite of Artificial is
a. Red
b. Natural
c. Truthful
d. Solid
98. The synonym of vent is
a. Opening
b. Stodge
c. End
d. Past tense of go
99. “To pick holes” means
a. To find some reason to quarrel
b. To destroy something
c. To criticize someone
d. To cut some part of an item
100. Select the pair which has same relationship:
Light : Blind
a. Speech : Dumb
b. Language : Deaf
c. Tongue : Sound
d. Voice : Vibration

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