Himachal Pradesh Forest Services Examination 2007

Himachal Pradesh Forest Services Examination 2007


Himachal Pradesh Forest Services Paper:

  • What does the local Himachali term shigri mean?

Ans: Glacier

  •    Which are the two major rivers of the Indian subcontinent, flowing in different directions, which draw water from Himachal Pradesh?

Ans: Indus & Ganga

  • At which place do the tributaries, Chandra, and bhagha, meet to form the Chenab river?

Ans: Tandi In Lahaul-Spiti

  • What percentage of the area of Himachal Pradesh is cultivable?

Ans: 11%

  • At which Place in Himachal Pradesh has a vegetable ghee plant-in the private sector been set up?

Ans: Nalagarh(50 tonnes daily production)

  • At which place in Himachal Pradesh is the world’s Highest cricket ground located?

Ans: Chail, District Solan

  • In which year did government of Himachal Pradesh abolish big landed estates?

Ans: 1954

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  • In which Year was the treaty of Sagauli, between the Gorkhas and the British, signed?

Ans: 1815 A.D

  • Who was responsible for spreading Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh in the 8TH century A.D?

Ans: Padmasambhava

  • In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the Bhuntar airport located?

Ans: Kullu

  • What got top priority in the first five-year plan of Himachal Pradesh in which 50% of the entire expenditure was incurred?

Ans: Road Construction

  • Who led the Aryan Conquest of Himachal Pradesh Between 3000 to 2500 B.C?

Ans: Divodas

  • What was the confederacy of six republics, mentioned in the Mahabharata and other books, Know as?

Ans: Trigarta Shashtha

 Himachal Pradesh Forest Services:

  • At which Place in Himachal Pradesh does the Sutlej Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited Propose to Start its 412MW power generation project with the help of a loan from the World Bank?

Ans: Rampur (District Shimla)

  • In which year did Dr. Y.S Parmar become Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Part –C state?

Ans: 24 March 1952

  • In which Princely State of Himachal Pradesh did the Praja Mandal demand abolition of Begar, in 1939?

Ans: Dhami

  • Who Commanded the Gorkha army which attacked Kangra in 1805 A.D?

Ans: Amar Singh Thapa

  • Who was the Hindu King to confront Mehmood Ghaznavi When he invaded India 1001 A.D?

Ans: Jaipal of Hindu Shahiya dynasty

  • What is the name given to the battle of ten Aryan Kings in the ancient history of Himachal Pradesh?

Ans: Dashragh

  • On the Banks of which river did Alexander erect twelve huge altars to mark the Farthest point of his advance into India?

Ans: Beas (Hyphiasis)

1-10) Give full Forms of Five of the following abbreviations:

  1. ISRO: Indian Space Research Organisation
  2. NABARD: National Bank For Agricultural & Rural Development
  3. NGO: Non-Governmental Organisation
  4. BHEL: Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.
  5. WTO: World Trade Organisation
  6. WMD: Weapons of Mass Distraction
  7. FICCI: Federation of India Chambers of Commerce & industry
  8. ONGC: Oil & Natural Gas Corporation
  9. VAT: Value Added Tax
  10. NASA: National Aeronautics & Space Administration


Answer the following Questions:

  • In which country is Darfur located?

Ans: Sudan

Forest Servies solved Question Paper

  • Our National Anthem is composed by

Ans:  Rabindranath Tagore

  • Who won the Dada Sahib Phalke Award for 2005?

Ans: Shyam Benegal       

  • Which city in the world is known as the “City of the Golden Gate”?

Ans: San Francisco

  • Who is the first Indian woman Member of Parliament to receive the outstanding Parliamentarian Award?

Ans: Mrs. Sushma Swaraj

  • Which river Passing into India is known as the Yarlung Tsangpo in China?

Ans: Brahmaputra

  • In which state of India is Hem Kund Saheb, Famous center of Sikh Pilgrim, located?

Ans: Uttrakhand

  • Which Nobel Prize winner for peace is Known as the father of the Green Revolution?

Ans: Dr. Norman Barlaug (USA)

  • Who was the first Indian to be elected as a Member of the British Parliament?

Ans: Dada Bhai Naoroji

  • Who was the first Secretary- General of the UNO?

Ans: Trygve Havlidine Lie

  • Who is the author of the Nobel Prize-winning play “St. Joan”?

Ans: G.B Shaw                 

  • Which country secured independence from Indonesia?

Ans:  East Timor

  • Who was the first Indian celebrity whose wax figure was installed at Madam Tussad’s Museum in England?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

  • What is Beg ben?

Ans: A clock Tower in London

  • In which state of India is the famous Tirupati Balaji temple located?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

  • Which is Known as the lung of the world?

Ans: Equatorial Rain Forests



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