Himachal Pradesh Allied Services |HP GK Questions

Himachal Pradesh Allied Services |HP GK Questions

Questions Related To Himachal Pradesh Allied Services:

This question is based on Himachal Pradesh Allied services. This is an important question. This question has been made by analyzing the last 10 years exam.

1. Which is India’s largest museum? (HP ALLIED, MAIN 2010)

A) Kolkata India Museum         B) Subhash Chandra Bose Museum

C) Tagore Museum                      D) None of These

ANS) Kolkata India Museum

2. The First Asian Woman To Become a Mayor In Britain is?


A) Sahiba Hussain                       B) Monica Ali

C) Kiran Sarabhai                        D) Manjula Sood

ANS) Manjula Sood

3. The Tapsya According To Gandhi Ji lies in (HP ALLIED 2015)

A) Renouncing the world            B) Engaging in meditation

C) Renouncing the Self                D) None of These

ANS) Renouncing the Self

4. Excise Duties are Taxes on (HP ALLIED, PRE 2010)

A) Import of commodities         B)  Sales of commodities

C) Export of commodities          D) Production of commodities

ANS) Sales of commodities 

1) Kabir के गुरु कौन थे? (HP-ALLIED 2008)

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Ramananda was born in Prayag in 1299 AD.

2) तानसेन किसके दरबार में Navratno में से एक थे? (HP ALLIED 2012)

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अकबर के दरबार का प्रसिद्ध संगीतकार तानसेन थे.

3) Which were the first proteins that marked the beginning of life? (Hp Allied services pre,2010)

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4) Viral infection के कारण होने वाली बीमारी है? (Hp Allied services pre,2010)

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5) निम्न में से कौन सा जानवर गूंगा है? (Hp Allied serives pre,2011)

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6) The color of the eye depends upon the pigment present in the- (HP ALLIED,2005)

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7) Who was the first American President of resigning presidency?

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Richard Nixon(In 1974) {Watergate कांड)

8) Second World War के बाद गठित इजराइल के राज्य पर मिस्त्र, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon और Jordan की समल्लित सेना ने किस वर्ष आक्रमण किया था?(HPALLIED,2012)

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9) When did the People's Republic of Bangladesh come into existence?(HP ALLIED SERVICES, PRE 2010)

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10) Indian Constitution, इन में से Koun सी प्रमुख विशेषता नहीं है? (HP ALLIED-2008)

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11) Which amendment to the Indian Constitution is related to the right to education? (HP ALLIED PRE,2012)

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86 वां सबंधित सशोधन 12 दिसम्बर,2002 (अनुछेद 21-A) (6-14 वर्ष के बच्चे को नि:शुल्क एवं अनिवार्य शिक्षा) {86th approved refinement December 12, 2002 (Article 21-A) (free and compulsory education to the children of 6-14 years)}

12) According to the 2001 census, the urban-rural population of India was- (HP ALLIED 2016)

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72% Rural and 27.8% Urban population.

13) Vizzy Trophy is associated with? (HP ALLIED,MAIN 2008)

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14) In which year National Literacy Mission was Launched? (HP ALLIED 2016)

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5 May 1988

15) Jamia Milla University was founded by? (HP ALLIED MAIN)

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